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Finding temporary work in Restaurant has never been easier. With a single application, gain access to a variety of local part time and hourly jobs that fit your skillset and give you the opportunity to get paid at the end of your shift via Instant Pay!*

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Assist bartender setup, prep, restock, clean and break-down bar.
$17.5 - $18.5/hr
Basic knowledge of coffee beverages and commercial espresso machines.
$17.5 - $18.5/hr
Serves beer, wine and non-alcoholic drinks. Can verify patrons legal age.
$19 - $32/hr
Cleans and resets guest dining areas. Provides general FOH support to serving staff.
$18 - $19/hr
Manages customer transactions and provides friendly service.
$17.5 - $18/hr
Basic buffet, banquet, and synchronized service. Setup/breakdown.
$20 - $34.5/hr
Station service, ingredient and food preparation using a variety of cooking and knife techniques.
$21.5 - $23.75/hr
Washes, peels, chops, measures, basic knife skills, temperature knowledge.
$19.75 - $21/hr
Keeps kitchen tidy and uses dish pit to clean used dishware, serveware, and cookware.
$17.5 - $18/hr
Clean and maintain designated areas using various methods and supplies.
Lightweight set-up/breakdown, basic sanitation/trash disposal and cleaning.
$17.5 - $18/hr
Maintain cleanliness and order of busy kitchen or common areas.
$17.5 - $18/hr
Takes dining orders, food/beverage knowledge, and basic cleaning duties.
$19.5 - $32.5/hr
Manage the check-in for Jitjatjo Talent and client happiness.
An organized multi-tasker that manages & directs an on-site team.
An organized multi-tasker that manages & directs an on-site team.
Basic experience in managing a cloakroom and customer service.
$17.5 - $18/hr
Take drink orders, basic knowledge of bar & cocktail items.
$18 - $28/hr
Basic knowledge of creating pastries and cooking techniques.
Take food orders at counter and basic order preparation.
$17.5 - $19/hr
Transport food, beverages, condiments, and utensils to seated guests from kitchens.
$17.5 - $19.5/hr
Meet, greet, and welcome guests before seating them.
$17.5 - $20.5/hr

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*Instant Pay is conditional on the achievement of performance criteria, a current/active and supported debit card, a supported tax profile, and approval of hours worked. Certain gigs may require additional time to verify worker hours and in such cases, payment may take longer to process. USA only.